The main goal of my work is to offer young people and families help that meets their needs using various tools and techniques. I work with people in their environments, and sometimes remotely. My services and interventions are as follows:


Accompaniment sessions: The goal of this intervention is to support the child or teenager through daily, weekly, or occasional sessions in which he or she can talk about his or her issues. During these sessions, I can provide advice and recommendations.

Support intervention: This intervention aims to support the child or teenager in the maintenance and consolidation of achievements and adjustment strategies that target the individual's strengths and resources. It can take place during regular or occasional sessions or activities.

Psychological education: The purpose of this intervention is to teach specific skills in order to improve upon a particular problem. These skills are acquired through information and education. This may include learning stress management techniques, meditation, or self-affirmation.

Family intervention: This intervention aims to support an optimal family dynamic through discussion, often with all members of a family. The objective is to change elements of the family dynamic that hinder its members' ability to thrive. In this context, I provide help, support and advice to help the family deal with day-to-day challenges.

Clinical treatment: Sessions in which the objective is to enable the implementation of an intervention plan for a person with behavioural problems or other difficulties. This may involve collaborating with various professionals in a multidisciplinary team. Clinical treatment may take place during support intervention or accompaniment sessions that involve rehabilitation or psychological education.

Coaching: The main goal of this intervention is to help people who are not in distress to realize their potential. The specific needs of the person in question may be personal, professional, or athletic in nature.

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